Damifino Campaign

Welcome to the Damifino inn

a nexus, if you will, to adventure across the realms!  let iconian magic be your guide and may the lords of chaos smile upon your travels.

                    the Characters:

                        Sabina                    Luna                    Fonkin
                        Blade                    Melrik                    Amiryth
                        Aurora                    Sirus                    Tessele

                    the Campaign:

After finding an Iconian artifact beneath some ancient ruins, a small group of adventurers are now bear the Iconian Compass. 
They are blessed(?) with the ability to recognize and use an eons old magical network known as the Street of Change; the street exists in cities and towns all across
Faerūn™.  To the locals the street is a haunted place that changes as when you are not looking and people are rumored to disappear - never to return. 
To those who bear the mark however, the street is a portal, a key to the Realms, where treasures and adventure await those brave enough to take the journey.