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The Incredibles  announce newest member: Bellman!


Congratulations Frank!






John And Yoko get engaged



Starry, starry, night...

Maggie's first grade classroom assignment was to paint one of the paintings of Vincent van Gogh.  She chose "Starry Night" and it turned out wonderful!  (Yes I am her father and my opinion is somewhat jaded)

Here are some shots of it - my photography does not do it justice:

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a wonderful impression - proud papa (lunatik)

A Dulcimer Workshop with Stephen Seifert

Palm Sunday John went to a dulcimer workshop with Stephen Seifert (perhaps the #3 dulcimer player in the world ... Okay so that's like being world famous in Poland) John originally met Stephen in AZ. when he went to a festival with Kerry Anderson.




A day poolside for Frank and the Tona kinder, Nathan, Maggie and John






MARCH 17th , 2004 : St. Patrick's Day

I celebrated St. Pat's with the folks at Boris' Family Restaurant ... a Macedonian Restaurant : )

          Here's the folks having fun ... notice the lid on Sylvia's head.             






And here's the band ... Dan, here playing the banjo is a friend from Boris'. He's usually playing blue grass, but did a fine job with the jigs and reels.



   Here is one of the band ... He's the character ...Can you tell?




  And my St. Pat's dinner ... I know ... carbs ...but hey it's a religious experience. UUUMMMM !!!!!!   GOOD!!!!