In the weeks to come, visitors will discover an imaginary world based in San Diego that compliments (or counterpoints) the imaginary scenarios of the other pages on this site.  Events depicted here will not necessarily have the sanction of the referee(s) ruling the RPG (Role Playing Game) campaign from which the other pages are primarily drawn.  Consequently, you will find subplots and character development here which will tend to support the other pages, and the occasional "What If" story (the titles will begin with those words) which will usually contradict the continuum established in the other pages in some way.

The common element in all of it, I hope, will be amusement for my readers. 

'The players' here will include a retiree-turned-Mercenary, a former TV sports star (who has slipped a cog), a juvenile Demoness, a Super-Hero character from the RPG campaign mentioned earlier, and a trauma fraught teenager.

The story page!  NOTE: I tend to use a lot of different fonts when I write, I think it adds to the stories (reflects personality of the primary character and goes to mood).  If you want the full effect, I recommend the following fontpak which has 6 fonts now and includes a readme.txt.  FONTPAK UPDATED 12/14/2004.

The Calendar!  It seems that if we are to have any idea of what is going on in the grand scheme of things, it would be nice to have a timeline so we know what happened when (also linked from the Team Liberty page).


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