Nyra Yasha is an evolving character concept an a very large stretch of imagination.  Yes, she's "in progress".  Both Nyra and her mother Nekoraiku are full demons (disregard prior information to the contrary).  Nyra here, has some inquisitive nature to work through.

Character Profile:

Name: Nyra Yasha (Nea-Ra)(Yah-shuh)
Nickname: will answer to "Cat"
Birth-date: can't remember
Age: 1,600
Height: 6ft
Blood Type: (Besides demon) Unknown
Favorite Color: Clear Crystal, Black, Silver, Royal Purple, Navy Blue, Red, Pink
Hobbies: Daydreaming
Favorite Animal: Wild Cats (ALL kinds)
Favorite Food: human candy
Least Favorite Food: Asparagus & Sauerkraut
Best Subject: Living in the Demon realm (where ANYTHING goes)
Worst Subject: Living in a human realm (which she's never done before)
Has Trouble With: controlling anger
Strong Point: Bravery, Loyalty, etc. (Making friends? Not easy for a demon. But once one’s got some…Don’t jeopardize them.)
Weak Point: curiosity
Dream: Yearns for diversion and an interesting life
Identity: only one public identity (if you want to call it that), but wait until she begins to act on her curiosity
Attack(s): Multiple

She is a Cat-Demoness.  She is fast, tough and 6 feet tall.  Her powers you (and she) will learn as the stories go along, but don't be surprised by anything!

She is just starting out, more will be posted as more develops!


 Editor's note: Character's origin, setting and beliefs are based on some Anime stuff.  

(Character concept: Amie)