IN-TRO-DUCIIIIIIIIING, the NA-ture Boooooooy,

Buddyyyyyyyyy KiRRRrbyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

(Rampant, furious applause that can be heard all the way to your house!)

Buddy is a major wrestling personality, recognized all over the world.  His merchandise is the biggest moving single line of entertainment merchandise ever.  At 6ft 8inches and 315 pounds, he is an imposing figure anywhere.  A year ago, he was merely the Wrestling Mania International heavyweight champion.  Then he too found a can of tainted Nuclear Fructosion, and unaware of the danger, he chugged it.  The transformation was almost as fast as the consumption.  Now he is everything on the streets that he once merely pretended to be in the ring (oops!  I mean, it was real in the ring before, of course,...).  In his professional wrestling career, he has manages not to injure anyone due, no doubt, to his constant training.  But out on the streets, where he loves to walk around in his full wrestling regalia followed by his fans, its strictly "criminals beware!"  He has gone on a full fledged world-wide mission to destroy the forces of evil everywhere, and he believes it! 

In the past year, he has thwarted the Mighty Mighty Mole who was trying to deliberately set off a major earthquake to collect insurance he had on property he didn't own, the Whale who was trying to extort the city into paying him a huge ransom to stop flooding the city with sea-water, and the Rock Crusher who was literally smashing down a major bank.  And that is just in his home town!!!  He has become a phenomenon the world over.

He isn't generally regarded as being very bright despite being a medical doctor, but this guy is serious walking charisma.  His open, easy-going personality make him a natural for every TV reporter and talk-show host, every kid wants to own all his toys, every party girl wants to be seen with him and every red-neck male wishes he were half the man Buddy Kirby is.

Super powers are limited to strength, physical power, brute force and ummmmmmmmmmm,... yeah, I think that's about it.