was born Jill Malarapa, child of illegal immigrants.  Unprepared to deal with the new county and culture, her parents had already settled into accepting a meager existence by the time she was born.  Domestic violence and alcoholism made for an unhappy home where money never went far because it was squandered rather than used wisely.

Misfortune struck incapacitating her mother when she was 10 and her father left shortly after that.  Surviving on welfare and food stamps, it wasn't long before Jill wanted her family reunited badly enough to pursue even unreasonable means.  Unable to find him by direct search, she delved further and further into the fringes of society, becoming consumed by the worst the world had to give.

At one point it seemed she was befriended only to discover that this "allie" sought only to ensnare her for his own benefit.  He coerced her to do whatever it took to earn money, then helped himself to her earnings on pain of reporting her to the police and her mother to immigration.  Things finally seemed to have bottomed out one day when she became deathly ill.  When she turned to this "protector" for help, she found herself being thrown in a dumpster.  Unable to help herself, she slipped into a coma.

She awoke in a hospital with several people buzzing around showing various signs of interest.  The next day she was 'transferred' to a private facility under much secrecy (and a little deception) and allowed to recover in peace.  Even this respite was tarnished by the news of her mother's death.  Certain now that no one alive cared, she began to make plans to run away when she was introduced to the Somebodys and told she had a home if she wanted it.

Uncertain as to the sincerity or commitment level of the Somebodys, she went along with them as the most desirable course of action open to her.  She is daily learning to deal with foster-parents from a different culture, life at a different economic level, and a complete loss of her roots.  She never had "domestic staff" before, but she quickly connected with the maid Maetta, and they have became close friends.  Life here has a whole new set stresses to deal with, but there are no police, no pushers, no gangs and no hunger.  The total loss of her original family, complete removal from anything familiar, and strange new abilities with no idea where they really came from or what to do with them are enough challenge for anyone.

There is a strange sort of security here though, unyeilding but patient and attentive parents, peaceful life without constant violence everywhere, and food and shelter always there, even thought she doesn't quite feel like she belongs.  She only hopes it will last.

She is 17, 5' 7" with long black hair and brown eyes.  In heroic ID, here hair reaches down past her ankles.  She speaks Spanish as her native tongue, but speaks fluent, accented English.

The Somebodys have quite a project,...

Luna, in flight.