Starfire is an adaptation of a character I created 26 years ago (yes, I'm an adult) when I was a fan of Ironman.  I say adaptation, because I changed the alter ego to not-quite-me; some things reflect a little bit of real-life-me and some things foreshadow the not-yet me.  Some of it is pure fiction.  The names, as they say, have been changed to protect the innocent.

Jim Somebody, after retiring from the military, has settled in San Diego with his wife and foster-daughter.  The Somebodys own a private business and do quite well for themselves.  Business does come with with its time and travel demands though, and it is while returning from one of these time and travel demands that his life takes one of those left-turns-at-Albuquerque.  Almost literally.

While cruising a desert stretch of highway one night, his trip is interrupted by an object crashing out of the sky into the desert almost directly in from of him.  He stops to investigate, only to discover a badly injured humanoid-alien near death.  The alien has a handheld device which he uses to translate, and just before he dies, he gives it to our just-about-to-become hero.  After the alien dies, his armor suit is bathed in energy, sparkles, and disappears into the handheld device leaving a charred body in the crater.  It is sometime before the authorities arrive, and once they are satisfied of the complete weirdness of the accident and Jim's lack of culpability, he finishes his trip home.

The next day Jim investigates his new possession, discovering that it does indeed function much like a handheld computer.  There are some interesting icons stashed away in the desktop though.  These reveal the nature of his benefactor, the abilities of the suit of armor, and how to use it.

Jim is definitely square while his wife is definitely a party girl.  He is good at details, she all about a good time.  Both want it all, now!


Jim and Jacque Somebody at play.                              Starfire  (HERO-CREATOR image edited)

Jacque's reaction was, "I knew you ought to have a suit of armor!"  Not sure if Jill (daughter) is gonna be let in on this or not.

On-the-Town graphic by Ty Wilson.  Displayed here as shown elsewhere on the web.  It's a great pic.  We bought a full sized print for our home.