Jim Somebody's philosophical search for why; a character development piece.  (This might be dry, so bear with me.)

I wonder at the many blessings in my life.  In material terms, I have plenty for my family.  I have health.  I have love.  I am content. Yet I continue to be blessed with more.  A notable departure from the pattern of blessings I have received is this suit.  So far, nothing else has changed my ability to interact directly with others.

I like the idea of having the abilities this suit gives me.  There is the chief danger.  Caution reminds me to always, always check my thoughts against God's will.  Use the Word, compare to the circumstances, check the Body.  When all 4 agree, its good.  Either I am being tested to see if I can control myself and not get prideful as if I 'deserve' the suit, or I am being tested to see if I can control myself and not try to make myself better than others.  Probably a strange combination of both.

The philosophy is always the easy part, acting within it is never so easy.  God is no respecter of persons, remembering that will help.  So basically, I have to remember not to let myself be distracted by having the suit unless using it will bring about more good than continuing as I was.  As I was, I deal with a lot of people and I teach others what I know.  So unless I have a chance to teach others how to to well using the suit, I should never let it take time away from what I do now.   Like I said philosophy is always the easy part.  Restraining myself will be the hard part.

Occasionally, things come up that are fairly clear cut, rescues for instance.  They take relatively little time and there is no judgment call required, no arbitrating who is wrong or right.  That is where the easy stuff ends.  Righting wrongs involves finding them which can take time.  Still, if you had a connection with someone who does these investigations, you could let the pros do that.

Then there is the required judgment call aspect.  This is easier to deal with if you have some legal authority to rely on.  In my case, at the moment all I can do is stick my neck out.  It is hard to get authorization to do anything if you insist on being anonymous.  Have to work on that.

Investigating and authority deal with work that is getting done without me already.  Perhaps there are other issues I should be thinking about, like the Mole, and the Rock Crusher and that sort of thing.  Kirby does well with that sort of thing though, and by the time I hear about it, it is usually over.  Now if I heard about it sooner,...