Can't have a story without a cast, now can you?  Presenting,....

The Players

First, a general note.  THIS IS ALL FICTION!!!

Ok, that said, there is a supposition in the super-heroic campaigns used elsewhere on this site that the world was generally super-hero and super-villain free until some terrorist organization introduced a mutagenic poison into the mix at a major fruit drink manufacturer.  The poison was intended to behave differently in every person who fell victim to it so that it would be impossible to develop an antitoxin.

This did work, up to a point.  Hundreds of thousands of people were killed, despite the problem having been figured out fairly early on.  In a very few cases, the intended victims survived and became, for a short time, mutagenic themselves.  Each survivor was left changed forever when their mutagens wore off, and that is where most of the super-heroes and super-villains came from.  This is a cheap, trite, terribly simple plot device which is much too easily over-used.  Obviously, I stooped to the bait!  Hey, that is the premise given by the referee(s) of our super-hero campaign and it works!.  Deal with it.

 Luna : perhaps the last meta to emerge, a geographical and chronological oddity, she 'occured' 3 months late and 3000 miles out of place.  The only (known) meta who didn't originate in the eastern seaboard, she is the subject of much interest and much subterfuge,...

Jason Baccus: no super-powers of any kind, retired from the SEALS.  Now works as a bodyguard/security consultant for some pretty decent pay.  The drawback is that he has to work from a defensive standpoint, and he doesn't like that one bit.  Occasionally he gets 'special requests' though,... (This guy is a deep background type, I will rarely write stories about him, so his profile page won't show up for a while.)  His primary mission is to be a fall-back explanation for things I mess up.  No wait, that's not true.  What he is for is "the dirty work."  He is low profile.  Only people like The BAT and very specialized government agencies know what kind of stuff he does.  Even fewer know any specifics.

Nature Boy Buddy Kirby: so far, the only San Diego resident known to have actual super-powers, and yes, they are mutagenic-poison based.  He is a professional TV wrestler, but for him the battle against foul play in the ring has become a war against evil in the streets.  Maybe he should be certified,...

Nyra Yasha: MAJOR OVERHAUL: if you remember references to a Nekoraiku Yasha, move them to the background (she will probably never figure into the storyline).  Nyra is her daughter and is therefore also a cat-demoness.  She is just starting out, relatively speaking.  In fact, she won't learn to assume any non-demon forms until sometime during her first story.  She's a juvenile, with juvenile frustrations and wild-eyed wonder at stories she's heard from Nekoraiku, who has traveled extensively in the human realm.  We all know what curiosity does to cats, together we'll find out how it affects cat-demons...  (If you wonder how a published character can be retracted and changed, hey, this is Amie's first character, and we Asylum Raiders are giving her a break!)

Starfire: based on a character I submitted for use in the main campaign set in New York.  In this adaptation, a normal earth-man finds an off-world artifact that has some really impressive functions.  What we have here is a Christian human male with no innate super powers of his own whatsoever, who now has a super-high tech suit of cloth-based armor with metallic gauntlets and boots, and equipped with a really heavy duty side arm.  Pretty straight-forward stuff here, so no, I'm not swiping the Greatest-American-Hero(c) bit by making him completely unfamiliar with how to use it.  This is a simple, direct, cookie-cutter type hero, no reading between the lines with this guy (read that, "SQUARE" with maybe slightly rounded corners).