Temporary Brief:

Identity: SECRET.

Origin: Nuclear Fructosion victim.

Affiliation: None, though he has worked with Team Liberty, no official sanction

Description and Powers:  The experiments which produced earlier superpowered beings were themselves the victim of industrial espionage, the secrets were stolen and used for the horrific and unimaginably evil purpose of mass murder.  The adaptagenic properties of the serum were enhanced beyond all caution becoming mutagenic, and the physically enhancing effects replaced by physically detrimental effects.  The result was a poison that affected each victim in a unique way.  Treatment that worked for one victim invariably killed any other victimit was tried on.  This poison was introduced pre-market to the entire production run of a new fruit drink (Nuclear Fructosion*) which was distributed across much of the eastern seaboard.  Nearly a million people were killed.

A small, small fraction of the victims survived.  One of them, a young man, was fascinated by comic book characters in his childhood, particularly the Batman.  His fixation with this particular hero, his own real life tragic childhood and a long nursed hatred of those responsible combined to guide the mutations which occurred in his body while the poison ran its course. The result is a self-styled and proclaimed real life Dark Knight.  The only things know about him are the fact that he prowls the city at night, viciously hunting the criminal element in all forms, from street thug to ranking crime-lords.  Essentially, he is on a crusade to destroy what created him.

This devotion and the fact that he has no know affiliations of any kind leave much to be desired in the way of public trust, and as a result he is hunted almost universally by government agencies and criminal organizations alike.  The noteable exception is Team Liberty; they have openly worked with him in the past.

No government agencies have yet acknowledged him or sanctioned him.  He is believed to be a meta, but no one has yet found out who he is or if he was hospitalized, much where, therefore there is no way to know if he truely is a meta.  One major question among the few who are willing to publicly speak in his defense is, if he is a meta, how did he survive the poisoning without medical aid, and how did he get medical aid and leave behind no record whatsoever?

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