Frank drew an exaggerated, deep breath, filling his lungs with her musk and held it. Exhaling, he felt it course through his veins, turning his ebony skin to fire. Opening his eyes, he saw another pair, mirroring the passion and longing he felt. They moved closer, becoming a tangle of limbs, not sure where one began and the other left off. Her warm breath on his naked body was like the surf on the shore, engulfing and washing over him in rhythmic waves. He moved his mouth to align with hers. Close. So close. Almost close enough to touch and even from this distance, he could taste the sweetness of her lips. Her mouth opens and her tongue probes Ö beckons.

     Somewhere in the back of his head, a voice calls out. ďNo! Donít ! Itís not safeĒ He shook his head. It wasnít safe here. Here. Here in the midst of the prison common ground with its swirling current of rapist and murders, if you didnít stay focused, one could easily get yourself killed. He tried to make excuses for himself. He had just been with her this morning, but when you are in love and separated, even a moment seems an eternity. It only took that brief moment and he was once again thinking about her, lost in daydreams. In his mind, Frank nibbled gently but teasingly, her delicate ear lobe, alternating from a slow lick to a quick tug. Tasha stirred. As he began working lower, giving small pausing kisses along the line of her neck, he began kneading her perfect shaped breasts. With his other hand Frank traced her sinewy and well formed abdomen, working ever lower. Tasha's soft intake of breath and low moan brought forth an arousal in the large man that seemed to come from a primal core. When the shadow fell across him, Frank was caught flatfooted and obviously startled.