Bill Taylor Hourglass

This is one of two dulcimers I had made in remembrance of my father, Walter L. Morgan who passed on Good Friday, 2004. Dad was very patient with my playing as I began learning and loved me to play "Flowers of Scotland." This hourglass was built by Bill Taylor of Pigeon Forge, TN. Besides, being an excellent  player and builder, Bill teaches in the school system in Sevier County, TN. and has been awarded the "Teacher of the Year" award. As Dad was a devoted teacher too, made Mr. Taylor an excellent choice to build this dulcimer. Bill came to the dulcimer while playing mandolin and guitar at Silver Dollar City (which later became Dollywood) There they had a booth for Cripple Creek dulcimers. Given a kit by builder and the booth proprietor, Mark Edelman, he soon incorporated the dulcimer into the act and becoming his primary instrument. Bill Taylor discovered what anyone who has caught the "bug" knows, as he put it so well, "I was intrigued by the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of the instrument."


 My second "Bill Taylor," it has the dogwood blossom sound holes and his signature carved wood spirit in the strum hollow. It is the later that gave inspiration for the dulcimer's name, "Green Man."