1.) So why does John call Tawn, Yoko? In the past, Tawn worked at Disney's Call Center. It was there they gave her a nom de voyage, as is policy, to protect the employees. Why the choice was Yoko? The world will never know, but we both found it amusing that we were John and Yoko and it has become a running joke between us and friends. Sylvia (John's stepmother) calls her "Yokie" and once John's fellow worker's became most concerned that he was seeing some other woman when John referred to her as "Tawn."


2.) Are you actually getting married at Graceland? Yes, but not in the mansion, proper. There is a wedding chapel behind, in the back.  When we decided to elope (Is it really an elopement if everybody knows?) we originally started with Vegas. Yoko has always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon. It seemed a good match, but we found that March was not probably the best time to travel to the Canyon and the Vegas chapels didn't suit our needs. John made mention to Yoko that he didn't want to be married by Elvis. With Tawn's sense of humor, she "googled" Elvis and discovered the chapel on Elvis.com. Not only was the venue just what we were looking for, the staff was more than accommodating and Memphis (being a city neither of us have explored) offered a bit of adventure.


3.) Are you Elvis fans? Well ... not really. We don't collect Elvis decanters or plates, or anything like that. Though, between us we have seen all of his movies. And we listen to his music, his CDs are in our collections. Elvis was listed by  John's mother in his baby book, as the most famous singer/actor of that year. And John's favorite part of the Broadway play, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," is the part where Pharaoh turns out to be the King (Elvis.)


4.)So who's going to the wedding? Just us. This is an elopement, remember? We did think about bringing Oliver the Cat as our ring bearer, (You know ... put the rings on his tail ...) but he didn't want to miss his TV shows. Olli just has to see "Ghost Whisperer." :)


5.) Where are you going to be staying in Memphis? At the Historic Madison Hotel.  This is another Yoko find. This hotel was originally an old bank building that has been converted to a small posh hotel. Our first inclination was probably to stay at the Peabody, but after we say the Madison web site, and the decor ... we knew where we wanted to stay.




6.) Where are you going on your honeymoon? Well, we hope to see Graceland before the wedding and a few more places in Memphis ... such as the Folklore museum and get a start on Beale Street. We plan a dinner at the Peabody on our wedding day and hopefully a carriage ride. And maybe a bit more Beale Street. On the 8th, towards the evening, we will make our way to Sun Studios, where John will be recording a couple of songs on his dulcimer. We plan on touring the studios and eating at the cafe next door. 

After flying home we will rest up a few days and spoil Olli as to appease and reassure that we have not abandoned him, it is off on our cruise to the Western Caribbean. While the Disney Cruise was certainly an option, we both decided a break from the Mouse was just what the doctor ordered. We chose to set sail the Royal Caribbean as we just cannot resist the rock wall. :) Our ship is the "Mariner of the Seas." (Click on the picture of the ship to be able to take their virtual tour.) 

Our stops are:

                        Labadee, Hispaniola

                        Ocho Rios, Jamaica

                        George Town, Grand Cayman

                        Cozumel, Mexico

We are looking forward to visiting the Tulum Mayan Ruins at Cozumel.


7.) So John and Yoko ... You've just got married ... What are you going to do next? Go to Disney World!