Shock Trooper 259 part 2
Shock Trooper 259

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SHOCK TROOPER 259 FIELD LOG; 1141.225, continued...

The concealed Terran moon base had been effectively defeated. The leader “Doom” was dead and we have had no hostilities from the base for 70tiks. Command was furious that this situation had gone so far. I attempted to explain the extenuating circumstances involved but got slapped down quick.

“Trooper, I don’t care what “extraordinary technologies” these terrans are sitting on - the truth of the matter is you got caught with your pants down and troopers are dead because of it! We are behind schedule, quit whining and get that site secure before I get into orbit!” he cut the transmission before I could respond.

“Yes Sir.” I answered to a closed comm link. He was right and I was a fool - Troopers never make excuses! This mission was beginning to get to me - and the strange things hadn’t even started yet.

I ordered an envoybot to be sent with our demands for surrender. It set itself up a few meters from the force field and began transmitting its demands for surrender. I wasn’t surprised when it was destroyed. These terrans are an arrogant race.

We were going to have to take the base. I had the techs outfit another envoybot with an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) mine and ordered the troops to don the assault exoskeletons. Our recon gear was good for light ops but this was going to get messy real quick. The exoskeletons plugged into the ion rifle power port - eliminating our integrated weaponry, but it gave us more strength and agility.

As the augmented envoybot moved down the crater ridge the troopers broke into three squads and armed themselves with self-contained weaponry. We were in position on the ridge (safe from the electro magnetic pulse) when our envoy reached its target. If they destroyed this one the mine would explode, taking out electronics in the forward field generators and the front part of the base.

They were smart enough to realize this; they opened a communication channel. A machine like voice, possibly a computer, maybe an auto-response answered us.

“Doom surrenders to no one”

Three access panels opened, and we were under attack again by the robots.

I remotely set off the mine.

As expected, the shield generators failed. Bonus, the robots weren’t shielded against an EMP blast! They fell like leaves dying in the harvest season.

It was now time to mop up this operation. With my troopers in their assault exoskeletons, armed with self contained weaponry we began to move in. Organized into three sections, we closed on the base. One section laid down cover fire from the crater ridge as tag-teamed gaining ground on the base. Our exterior position was secure when the cover fire ceased.  This would not have been a problem except that the squad providing our cover fire disappeared from my heads up tactical display. Glancing behind and up to the ridge they were firing from, I saw that it had just become a dust cloud. I recognized the cause before my tactical computer could… Solan.

This mission was going right down the toilet.

Solan; they believe – almost religiously - that all sentient life in this part of the galaxy began here, in this system, on Sol3. Genetic stock from this world was supposedly taken by an ancient race or their god or some other type of nonsense and seeded throughout this part of space. They claim this system as part of their confederation and defend it fiercely. Intelligence reported that the Knight and Fealty we defeated on Sol4 were the extent of their presence at this time. I should know better than to count on military intelligence over my own scouts…

“REGROUP!” I yelled into the comm link. “Bunker in and hold this ground!” They had us – our high guard was gone and now they had the tactical advantage. The best we could hope for was to hold the ground until fleet could get here. I hate being rescued…

The Troopers held their ground, our 24 vs. their 18 Fealty. This group had no Knight leading them – maybe fortune was finally turning our way. We still had to worry about the Solan ship(s) – they could fire down upon us at any time.

Why hadn’t they?

A section of the Fealty forces broke off and began to move down the ridge to our position. They were not in a position where we could fire at them and as soon as they got out of our line of sight they turned on their EMM (electro-magnetic masking).

“no telling where they are now Troopers – eyes sharp!”

I widened the pick up on my tactical scanners and found them. The nine of them were closing on our trench using debris and ground radiation for cover; I motioned to the Troopers to prepare for an ambush but hold. My augmented tactical display also showed that the Solan were about to get an unexpected surprise.

We exchanged light fire with the Solan as they stood over our trench until they were forced to retreat under the onslaught of the newest wave of Doom’s robots! We broke back into two squads and joined the fray.


The robots apparently had learned from our last encounter. They were dodging blasts from our weapons instead of taking them full force. They also seemed to do better hand-to-hand, as if they knew of the weak spots in our armor. Compared to the warm bodies they left battered on the lunar surface, Doom’s forces were beginning to overwhelm us; it seemed like we were going to fall when about half of the robots broke rank and moved off toward the opposite ridge of the crater.

A small transport had landed (one I was unfamiliar with), and several new units were emerging. Trying to get a tactical display I noted two things. First, those emerging from the ship carried the same energy signature of the stellar radiation we were here to study; second, they were followed by a Solan Knight!

This new force flew down into the crater, most of them on gravitic sleds. Of the two that were flying under their own power, one was in a very impressive suit of battle armor, he fired a blast of energy at one of the robots and it crashed into the lunar surface. Judging from his firepower and armor style I deduced that these new combatants must be reinforcements for Doom, here to defend his base.


The other was a female, wearing a respirator - but no other protective gear! She seemed to be heading straight into the center of the fray – the robots ignored her as if she wasn’t even there.