a bit of clarification:

Terry Castle was inspired by a character in a "space opera" role playing game I played years ago with some friends and my brother.  He was a cocky sort of "space ace" that seemed to always get out of any trouble he got into.  His luck became famous (both in the game and among the players) to the point that he (with a little GM prodding) began to think that he could rule the universe.  His sidekick computer (the voice of the GM) would calculate odds based upon his exploits, current socio-economic-political trends, and the human tendency to glorify celebrities far beyond the levels that they should.  Castle's all time high percent chance to rule the known universe was 6.7%  -  pretty high for a fighter jockey with absolutely no political clout or royal lineage!

Terri Castle was the wonderful brainchilde of a very dear and close friend.  One of the original Asylum Raiders , he came to me with an idea and a question when we first started the web site.

"What is TC's chance to rule the universe?" he asked one afternoon.  I hadn't thought about Castle for years so, off of the top of my head taking into account his exploits, current socio-economic-political trends, the human tendency to glorify celebrities far beyond the levels that they should, and the fact that no one has rolled dice in his name for three plus years.  I said 3.9%

Well, the next thing I know is that I get this email from him announcing the new comic, satirizing pen and paper RPG's and the sub-culture they have spawned,  featuring Terri Castle ...
(pg rating for suggestive content)

So Terry has this twin sister... that he knows nothing about... and they are fighting against an evil empire ...

no, no, no ...    Sorry George  


My brother and I had talked many times about how much fun the character was and how he would be in an action adventure novel or movie.  So to that end I hope to do Lt Cmdr Castle justice, and present exploits inspired by those wonderful game sessions so many years ago.

and as far as Terri is concerned I hope to see more of her soon!