Who am I kidding

by Rusty                                                


An above average exposure to literature,   

a clever turn of the phrase - in high school... 

a seventeen year old ghost story - unpublished and    

rewritten more times than I can count...

are these reasons to think that I can write? 


They say that a writer must write,    

he wakes in the morning with the burning desire to write;   

writer's always have something they feel they must say,   

writers are born not taught,   

writers need cats...  


I don't need to write - in fact I look for excuses not to...  

I wake in the morning with the burning desire to pee,    

take some ibuprofen,    

and go back to bed.    

Most of the time, I find silence is best.   

The only thing I think I was born for was being a daddy,   

I am that but not nearly in the capacity that I want to be.   

I skirted my way through english and high school composition courses    

by offering creative versions of my assignments,   

I can't say that they were well written,   

but a creative essay will stand out in a stack of "reports".   

Composition I - Junior College :  I was distracted to the point where I ultimately   

had to drop the course.   

I am allergic to cats...   


I love the feeling of sharing my work with my friends, 

and though many of them find talent in my work, 

I think that  is more their hearts speaking than their heads...

I have wonderful friends... 


Frank Tona writing as Rusty McCormick, December 2004

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