A Kurt Simerman Dulcimer


This is one my favorite dulcimers. It has a beautiful touch and a responsive action. The mahogany and curly Spanish cedar and Kurt's workmanship makes it a work of art. The details are amazing. Star sound holes and a moons inlayed into a round sound hole. This characteristic motif is the source of the instrument's name ... Moonshadow, after the Cat Stevens' song. The double back gives a sustain that goes on what seems forever and a volume that is hard to compete with. While it is not a traditional dulcimer sound, it is sweet and in some ways more guitar sounding. Very full. This was the first dulcimer I ever played for Yoko.

Kurt Simerman, , had what had to be a very steady business. From what I can see, there was such a demand that he had some impatient people yammering at him. That and Kurt's work as a Lutheran Pastor  has caused him to stop custom work. In his own words:

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in Simerman Dulcimers. I am no longer taking orders because I am working in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as a pastor. I will continue building dulcimers but have found special orders and promises for completion dates create far too much tension and frustration. I plan to continue to build beautifully crafted instruments for many years, but my call to serve in the church is my first priority. You will find dulcimers as they become available on the dulcimer sales page. I have found it difficult to define when an instrument will become available because the demands on my time change unpredictably.

The closest he comes to it now is either to retro fit the dulcimer up on his site ready to sell or to put in a wish on the "Dream Dulcimer" portion of his site. Then all you have to do is keep a eye open and pray. It will be worth it. Trust me I know.