June 23, 2004
The HERO Channel went off the air for the third time since its inception after the televised execution of the contestants of it’s “Who Wants to be a Meta?” reality show. The stunned viewers watched dead air or changed to various news networks to see if what they witnessed actually happened.

Seventeen minutes later the channel resumed with coverage of the reentry of Hardware and the two survivors of the show into the atmosphere. Once they landed safely the HERO network issued a live statement first offering condolences to the families of the victims and the nation for this “horendous act of terrorism”, then subtly reminding the viewers that the show had been hijacked, and the cast and crew kidnapped. Finally they praised the efforts of Team Liberty for finding and rescuing those that they could - at the apparent expense of one of their own, Phoenix.

In the weeks to come Team Liberty continued to do it’s job in spite of growing public opinion against meta-humans. On July 21, 2004, a “super-villan” trio Rage, Sting, and Rumble attacked a chemical warehouse on a New Jersey dockyard.

July 21, 2004
A unknown trio of metas attacked the warehouse district of the Hoboken docks this evening.  It is unclear what they were after - as the trio was interrupted by the somewhat diminished "Team Liberty".  Very nearly thwarted in their attempt to capture the villains, the team was assisted by a twenty foot robot identifying itself as a Sentinel.  It captured one of the offending metas that had eluded the "heroes" but lost him again due to interference by the wall-crawling "Spider". 

July 22, 2004
The White House denies involvement in the so-called "Sentinel Program" and is launching an investigation into the use of the robots.

July 23, 2004
Latverian Leader Victor Domovitch was linked with supplying the meta-terrorist Emperor X with technology used in the "Who wants to be a Meta?" tragedy.  Domovitch denied "ridiculous and audacious claims" and cut off diplomatic ties with Europe and the United States, expelling their diplomats and citizens.

July 24, 2004
An illegal meta terrorist compound in Westchester County, New York was pacified today by the still un-ratified "Sentinel Program".  Several illegally operating metas were "neutralized" and taken into custody.  An anonymous source stated that several metas were killed and labs, equipment and vehicles were discovered as well - these statements remain unconfirmed as the Sentinels blacked out the area to the press.

July 25, 2004 
A trade embargo and blockade was placed around Latveria to prevent the export of terrorist supplies.  A force field was erected around Latverian borders after a skirmish between the blockade and Latverian patrols.  Domovitch's government is officially labeled a terrorist regime.

July 29, 2004
Noted anthropologist Bolivar Trask, has been summoned before a Senate Congressional hearing to answer for his involvement in the meta massacre on July 24.  His initial testimony inferred that he understood that he was acting with Congressional consent...