Saturday, July 31, 2004

Starfire reported the presence of alien invaders to Team Liberty confirming a dubious report to that effect by a bruised and battered Domovich (who had crashed into the street in front of Team Liberty's base of operations).  Electing to deal with this rather than pursue a lead to the possible base  of Sentinel operations, American Pryde, Cobblestone, Hardware, Kitty Pryde and Shaman join Starfire and thwart the invaders, incidentally revealing the presence of a secret lunar installation Domovich had been building near where the aliens decided to stage their invasion.  5xp and +1 PRE to all involved.  (Domovich did not return to the fray.)

Thursday, July 29, 2004

In San Diego during a National Education Conference, a Sentinel showed up at the Zoo, attacked normal bystanders, and attempted to apprehend one of the students it alleged to be Jill Malarapa, an unregistered meta who disappeared shortly after being discharged from the hospital in March following treatment for her poisoning.  A new super (not confirmed to be a meta) was witnessed at the scene.  American Pryde intervened, citing that the Sentinels have no ratified authority yet.  The Sentinel attempted to ignore her and apprehend it's suspect.  After a short, intensely brutal battle according to witnesses, Pryde and Starfire stopped the behemoth.  The FBI reported the next morning that it has had Jill in "permanent" custody for some time before the Sentinel's attempted arrest.  5xp and +1 PRE to AP, SF, Luna and Kitty.

Monday,  April 19, 2004

After returning from a Superhero convention in California Team Liberty are diverted to Millennium City (formally Detroit) as a storage facility for alien DNA and relics are under attack by Doom and his upgraded minions. Xtreme develops super hearing and Hardware from examining alien technology gains light speed abilities. Doom and forces are defeated. 5xp and +1 PRE to American Pryde, Hardware, Kitty Pryde and Xtreme.


Saturday, 20. 2004

Frost attempt time fold, but TL is hijacked by 3 time imps who transport the team to an alternate timeline where supers are celebrities and American Pryde is married with kids to American Gladiator. The Doom in that timeline (who is a mystical man devoted to peace) send the team back where they belong. There was a time difference due to the spells and Team Liberty finds their actions have somewhat mirrored their experiences in the other dimension and that there is a 3 week discrepancy in time. 5xp and +1 PRE to Cobblestone, American Pryde, Hardware, Kitty Pryde, Shaman and Xtreme.


Friday, March 19, 2004

Team Liberty deals with the death of Frost and battles Xtreme as she is possessed by Legbah , the mystical force that attacked headquarters. This time as Xtreme he attacks Rick Jones at the hospital. TL defeats Legbah and breaks possession. Xtreme finds insight to Frost's origins and Rick brings about Frost's return. Frost decides to fold time in a attempt to hide all this from Legbah. 5xp and +1 PRE to Cobblestone, American Pryde, Hardware, Kitty Pryde, Lancelot, Shaman and Xtreme.



Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Early morning is interrupted by an attack on Xtreme by some sort of (for the lack of a better descriptive) demon.  It is foiled and Xtreme is moody but well.  Later that day she turns up AWOL.  Search is in progress. Xtreme discovers susceptibility to magic (x2 Stun) 5 xp to Hardware, Shaman, American Pryde / Construction bill for one wall to Cobbie :-) no presence point bonus


Thursday, March 18, 2004

Lured to the Meta-secure wing of the city Stockade by a possible prison riot, our heroes are almost trapped by Mirage and Utility.  An elaborate scheme was in play to trap the heroes and breakout Grond and Herculon. Thanks to good teamwork the scheme failed and Mirage was apprehended and hospitalized.   Utility went free, having apparently added teleportation to his vast repertoire.   Liberty Base had been attacked and was on fire upon our return.5xp and +1 PRE to Cobblestone, American Pryde, Hardware, Lancelot, Shaman

Watch for a special episode of LibertyWatch to air on Saturday, March 20, 2004 at 8pm EST on the HEROchannel. The episode does a good job putting the team in a good light even though it did dwell on the fact that the team almost got captured.  Most all of the action was video from surveillance cameras in the prison.



Date: Saturday, March 6th 2004

      Attack on Dupree Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals , NYC. The Blue Banshee, Kraken, and the Shoveler attempt to steal meta DNA and destroy lab. Team Liberty (American Pryde, Cobblestone, Hardware, Kitty Pryde and Xtreme), the Bat, his partner; Blackwing, and the Spider thwart plan. American Gladiator attempts to arrest the Bat, and Blackwing ,but TL interferes. There is the first appearance of the Mighty Tor who is killed when a misunderstanding occurs and in death it is revealed that he is Dr. Robert Blake, Dupree research scientist. there is also an attack by some translucent little men riding a giant slug eel. These are dispatched when Cobbie drops the safe door on them and in the following action AG is slimed. American Gladiator vows justice and flies away

Banshee, Kraken and Shoveler incarcerated.

XP: 5 points each plus 1 point of presence...Earn Hunted by American Gladiator, and Tor.



Date: Saturday, February 28th, 2004


Bombing attempt at Black Awareness Marathon and Bar-b-que was perpetrated by Utility, Mirage, Grond and Herculon. TL( American Pryde, Cobblestone, DuLoc , Hardware, Shaman, and Xtreme) warned by "the Voice" stopped the bomb planted in statue of AP and tangled with villains. Utility and Mirage were able through illusions to escape leaving the downed Grond and Heculon to be sent to incarceration. Herculon turned states evidence and admitted they acted as mercenaries and that none of those involved were the actual "brains" of the outfit.


XP: 5 points each plus 1 point of presence