This will be the second time I attempt to write this story. This is not meant for publication but primarily as a writing exercise and a desire to right a story I had been looking forward to enjoying.  This is inspired by the Ralph Bakshi film "Cool World" ... or at least what I hoped it would be. It had started out in a prison, which I thought would be an excellent backdrop. But they soon left those dark halls and went in a direction that showed promise, had interesting moments but ultimately disappointed. From what I have read this was not even  Bakshi's concept. Reportably, Bakshi wrote the original screenplay to Cool World, which, in his version, was about a man who has sex with a cartoon and they have a half-human/half-cartoon child who tries to kill him.
This story sounds much more entertaining than what producer Frank Mancuso, Jr., and screenwriters Michael Grais and Mark Victor turned Cool World into.
The result was poorly conceived and executed.

I have done this as a fan piece and use copyrighted characters in the spirit of free use and with no intention of violating the rights either real or implied, of any trademark or creation from it's creator and or owner.

So let's have some fun ... hope I get a little farther this time and see where the road takes us.